Hello! My name is Malena Ally and I am a therapist located in Encino, California. I specialize in working with people from approximately 10 years to 30 years of age. I have spent my entire career working with children and adolescents, as well as parents and school systems. I find my work with adolescents especially rewarding because it is a time of rapid brain development and growth. Teens can be so incredibly smart and tuned in, yet sensitive to the demands placed on them by family, friends, and society. The added pressures of social media have increased bullying behaviors and anxiety in recent years and tend to decrease attention, self-esteem, and social skills.  I work with a lot of teens and young adults who are dealing with anxiety, depression, attention disorders, low self-esteem, trauma, and self-harming behaviors. I empathize with young people who are dealing with all of these different pressures and I also enjoy helping parents and families to be supportive during this challenging time.  

I offer individual therapy, as well as group therapy. Groups can be a great way for your teen or college student to connect with others who are dealing with similar issues and receive that needed social support and validation. In group therapy, young people learn healthy coping strategies, social skills, assertiveness skills, and ways to seek out support from loved ones. If your child isn’t emotionally ready for a group, individual therapy sessions are also a great way to work on needed skills, examine problematic thought patterns and behaviors, and improve family dynamics. We all need to have someone who “gets us” and can be the ear to listen and help us work towards our goals and dreams. I would love to be that person for your child or adolescent, or for you as a parent!


Please contact me to set up a free phone consultation. I am ready to help!