An Interview with Malena

“I’m most proud of my ability to connect with teens and parents. A lot of times, the families who come in are having difficulty in communicating and connecting with each other. I love helping parents to understand their teen better and I post regularly on my social medial pages for parents. I also hop on Facebook live each week to offer advice to parents. The cool thing is, parents will show my videos or my website to their teen to see if they want to come in and meet with me and I’m discovering that I appeal to both! I feel proud that both teens and their parents like me and I can help everyone to feel happier and have more meaningful relationships” – VOYAGE LA

Articles Written by Malena

Reducing Power Struggles:  “As a parent, you will inevitably hear your child respond with “no” when you ask them to do something. Developmentally, children and adolescents will demonstrate autonomy in order to become an individual apart from their parents, but the ensuing power struggle causes stress for everyone.  Try to remember that this behavior is another step in healthy development and not your child simply being defiant.  In fact, learning to state a powerful “No” is an important skill that can keep them safe.” Continue Reading

Helping Children Grieve During the Holidays:The holiday season can be especially hard after the death of a loved one or pet. The changes in tradition, as well as the constant reminders of family and togetherness, can bring up memories of the loss. Remembering and honoring the loved one during the holidays provides opportunities for connection and closure.” Continue Reading

Managing Back to School Anxiety:  “The school year is in full swing again, and this can cause a lot of anxiety for students. Some worrying is to be expected, but if you feel that your child is really stressed there are a few things you can do.” Continue Reading

Raising a Confident Child: “A confident, self-assured child is a child that tries new activities and tries again when they fail. They know they can’t be good at everything and are willing to try and try again when something is difficult. Confidence is not an inherited trait, but a quality that we can help to nurture. Here are just a few ways you can help your child develop a can-do attitude…” Continue Reading

Mental Health Warning Signs: “Children and adolescents display troubling behavior at times.  Sometimes the behavior is part of a child’s healthy development, but if it starts to occur more frequently or increases in severity, it may be cause for concern.  It’s good for parents and other adults who work with children and adolescents to be able to tell the difference.  If there is a developing mental health problem or emotional stressor, children do not always tell adults…” Continue Reading. 

Talking about Grades with your Children: The end of the quarter is near, which means it’s the perfect time to talk about grades. Some kids stay silent about poor grades while others may have a variety of excuses when asked. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts when talking to your kids about their grades…” Continue Reading


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