Individual Therapy (in person or online)

fashion-person-hands-womanTherapy is a learning process in which your teen or young adult (or you) come to better understand yourself and the thoughts and beliefs that may be creating anxiety, depression, or difficulty in relationships. I will work with your child to handle situations and emotions in healthier and more productive ways, as we build their toolbox of coping strategies. The therapist-client relationship is important in facilitating the healing process and it is important to me that I have time to build rapport and trust with your adolescent and they understand that our sessions are confidential.

The length of therapy varies depending on each person’s situation, including the type of problem, severity, history, resources, and personal motivation. Many clients experience moderate gains in the first three sessions, with the majority needing 12-18 sessions to resolve or significantly improve their situations. Some clients may need more time to resolve issues and it is not uncommon for an initial concern to be resolved quickly and then new issues come to light. IMG_0246bTherapy involves discussing uncomfortable situations and difficult feelings and this can occasionally make people feel sad or worsen a situation, and is considered a risk of therapy. Often times, adolescents do not want to come for therapy, as it can be difficult to talk about unpleasant feelings or to admit that they want/need help. I encourage you, as the parent, to express your concerns to your child about the difficulties you are seeing and make a plan for how long you would like them try therapy. It is also helpful for you to let them know that their therapy sessions are confidential and that they will not be in trouble or punished for things that come up in therapy that we may discuss together (with their permission).


Individual Therapy:

$185 per 50-minute session.

Out of Network:

If you are using your “out of network benefits” you should check with your insurance company first to clarify what these benefits (if any) look like. You would pay the individual or group fee up front and I will provide you with a “super bill” after the session, which you can use to submit for reimbursement to your insurance company.

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